Everyday Batch will Go Only INDIA  time 8.

its 12-48hours service ,if we overload so some time will take 72hours.

 *Fast Restore your iphone with normal mode with last ios then submit order after done active by wifi.

because some time itune or old backup data will auto relock your iphone with old id then source can't refund.so becareful.

 * if your imei already find my iphone: OFF but you submitted so your wrong no refund !

* if your imei already done by other source you submitted/in process/ double here so your wrong no refund !* if you submitted you imei after you see its done imei and if you put it lost mode ! so your wrong no refund !

 your wrong you will pay/ customer wrong customer will pay/ we only refund if your imei not done or real lost .

 when you will submitted imei from this time we will calculate gsx and see it was done or not.


Price : Rs. 17000INR

Delivery Time : 1-5 days